Dillon Holmes CPAZ

Make Dillon Holmes of CPAZ a Presenter at the ACC Energy Workshops

Dillon Holmes of Clean Power Arizona (CPAZ) is dedicated to educating our Commissioners on technology innovations and their potential impacts on our existing utility business model. We urge you to allow him the opportunity to present to the Commission during the Q1/2014 workshops of Docket 13-0375.

Why is this important?

Given the general public’s natural desire to operate its energy system as efficiently and affordably as possible, we have come to a point where it’s time to take a hard look at the ages-old utility business model. As such, the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) will be scheduling at least two workshops in early 2014 to discuss technology innovation and its effects on the utility model. The ACC is calling for knowledgeable presenters to cover these topics including solar power, storage, community solar, electric vehicles, and micro-grids.

Dillon Holmes and CPAZ are heavily involved with educating all Arizonans about energy policy and its positive and negative effects on our state’s energy economy and security.

Until now, it has not been possible to convince the ACC to look at the effects of technology and clean power sources on our utility business model. This is a huge opportunity to make our voices heard.

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