coal plant subsidies

APS’s dirty power is subsidized more than green power

The Arizona Republic has shed some light on some of the banter going around regarding solar subsidies. APS claims customers are unfairly subsidizing solar because the clean and renewable power source is gradually snatching up a chunk of the APS market share.

Check out this write-up on AZcentral outlining the subsidies for dirty power like coal, nuclear, and natural gas. It reads, “A longer study by the Environmental Law Institute on government subsidies from 2002 to 2008 found that the fossil-fuel industries got $72 billion while renewable subsidies received $29 billion. About half of the renewable subsidies were for corn-based ethanol.”

More recently in 2010, coal received about $1.4 billion in direct subsidies, while natural gas and petroleum received $2.82 billion almost entirely in tax credits. Solar received $1.13 billion which, though still significant, is much less than their dirty archenemies in the fossil fuel industry.

I think we can all agree that solar is no more subsidized that our conventional and unsustainable fuel sources.

And let’s not forget the severe costs we are faced with to heal our citizens ailed by coal combustion or to clean the air of the world’s most inefficient and hazardous pollutants. Our dirty non-renewable industries have privatized profits while socializing the costs involved with cleaning up their mess.