APS propaganda claims their commitment to solar has never wavered

APS this week issued the first propaganda ad I have seen so far in their fight to miseducate their customers and gain support for ending the policies that have put Arizona on the solar map.

They begin by claiming that the numbers they cite suggest that their commitment to solar power will never waver. They go on to claim responsibility for the millions of dollars that APS customers have paid to successfully kickstart the adoption of rooftop solar.

They claim to have themselves paid $185 million in direct incentives to date and $700 million in ongoing incentives over the next 20 years. Ok, I see how they can strategically skew the meaning of the word “paid” to keep the phrase true since they are collecting these dollars as a surcharge from customers and then “paying” them, also knows as “administratively passing them on”, to solar customers investing in rooftop solar. That is, after all, the nature of a propaganda piece.

But in the very next bullet point they actually refer to this nearly $1 billion as an APS investment! Unless I am overlooking a significant detail, this is a blatant lie. Or is that still fair game in a propaganda piece? Please help.

I would also like to point out that their involvement with Arizona State University and the US Department of Energy described in the following bullet point is more of an obligation than a push to advance solar. Due to the nature of eventual large scale residential solar, APS has no choice but to determine the physical effects mass solar adoption will have on their power grid. This is called technology advancement and has been around since before the wheel was invented, but then almost any truth can be stretched to create the illusion of APS as a solar proponent. (If you want to read more about the effects of solar mass adoption on the power grid, search for some interesting studies on what is happening in Hawaii where solar has exploded due to its cost effectiveness.)

Finally, they conclude the piece with a bit of manipulation, “If that doesn’t sound like a commitment, we don’t know what does.” I’ll help the APS folks with that in a moment.

But what really gets me is that the very next thing they say after claiming an unwavering commitment to solar is, “That’s why we’ll be asking the Arizona Corporation Commission [ACC] to revisit the current policies….” Did they really think no one would recognize how ridiculously contradictory that sounds?

So here is what I am interpreting:

— We at APS are solar heroes responsible for the early adoption of solar in Arizona. Instead of using our own money to meet the required Arizona Renewable Energy Standard, the ACC allowed us to invest our customers’ money to kickstart the industry and create what is quickly becoming a self-sustaining renewable energy resource that will last for generations to come (also known as forever). Because of our markedly successful policies we have decided that we need to make them less successful, because they are only fair to 26,000 of our 1.1 million customers. We feel that once you see the facts, but not the skewed propaganda “facts” that we have laid out here, you’ll agree. The future of energy is bright, but mostly just for APS. —

Now back to APS’s comment that “if that doesn’t sound like commitment, we don’t know what does.” I think I can offer some help since they apparently don’t know what commitment sounds like.

Commitment is when you truly have the best interest of your customers at heart. Commitment is when you fight for the best interest of the people that inhabit the state, country, and world you serve.

Commitment is when your company, your staff, and you all share common core values that strive for the betterment of the world around you. Commitment is when you believe in what is right so passionately that you are willing to take risks and make investments to accomplish the overall vision because nothing and no one is bigger than the ultimate goal of wellness for all.

Commitment is when a company with power realizes that the way we power the world today is flawed, dirty, finite, and therefore utterly unsustainable. A committed company is one which takes the lead, innovates, blazes the trail and leaves it entirely transformed forever. A truly committed company understands that an investment today, though it may affect the bottom line for now, will always lead to profits in the long run.

And if it’s commendation and brand recognition that you want, well be patient and don’t worry; true commitment will always get you what you want in the long run.

Finally, a truly committed company will never need to buy ad space to convince the people of their commitments.

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