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Democratization of Power

The technology and economics of today’s renewable energy allow us to own our own power, bringing an end to the mandatory rental relationship we have had with our electric utilities for nearly two centuries.

Prosperous Economy

A prosperous 21st century economy is one which plans for the future by innovating to create lasting jobs, sustainable growth, and a reintroduction of the true American Dream.

Clean Environment

Our current energy system requires blowing off mountaintops, pumping the earth full of poisonous chemicals, and charging the air with toxic smog. Renewable power cleans the air we breath and the water we drink.

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About Us

It is well within Arizona’s means, both financially and technologically, to move past the dirty fossil fuel economy of the last two centuries.

Based in Phoenix, Clean Power Arizona is committed to educating our population as to how we can take control of our clean energy future.

Arizonans have made it clear that we are ready to be empowered to own our own power, clean our air, and create a prosperous economy based on sustainable industries and green jobs.

  • Education

    to comprehend the consequences of extracting and burning fossil fuels as well as the benefits and feasibility of embracing clean power

  • Awareness

    to understand the extent and effects of our current energy policies and the positive outcomes of shifting to a clean energy state

  • Exposure

    to inform the people about the policies and activities taking place today which inhibit us from reaching our clean energy goal

  • Truth

    to gather honest, unbiased data and analysis to determine the best course of action for Arizona

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"Customer" letters to ACC written by employees of APS' PR firm, attempting to show support to #APS #DarkMoney
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